Service Reviews

Service Reviews

I cannot thank the employees at your dealership enough! My check engine light came on during my trip on I-81 to Union, SC. We were coming down from Frederick County, MD to see the total eclipse. With 258 miles left in the trip, the light came on and I wasn't sure if I should turn around and go home or continue on to South Carolina. We continued and then I searched for the closet Ford Dealership once at our hotel in Union, SC. Your dealership came up and we drove there Sunday to check the location. We were there Monday, the 21st, before you even opened. April was gracious when the service department opened and we explained our circumstance. She was very assuring that our car would be able to be fixed so we could get home safely. She arranged for a loaner vehicle for us to use so we could go to the WalMart parking lot and view the eclipse and our car was soon finished after the eclipse. What a relief!!! Thank you so much!!!!

9/1/2017: KATRINE D.

I always have good service and feedback. When we leave the car/truck April or someone else always calls with updates if something other than what we requested is needed or what the tech guys may find. We depend on your service dept. to help us safe is our cars.

8/25/2017: BOBBIE C.

Everything went great.

8/24/2017: TAMI B.

Everything was great!

8/9/2017: EDWIN F.

Overall great experience!

8/7/2017: MELISSA M.


8/4/2017: JERRY B.

Firmin Ford did a great job servicing my vehicle. I'll be back when my next service call is due.

7/10/2017: John D.

I could not ask for any better service, they always go above and beyond my expectations. Firmin Ford is simply the best

6/23/2017 RONALD S.

I've been a FORD customer since high school and this is my 7th Ford truck I've bought new. Thank Firmin Ford for keeping me a FORD customer because if I hadn't found him before I bought my next truck (in a year) I would've bought something else. I bought my last two F150's and my last two F250's at Classic FORD of Columbia and I won't even get them serviced there since they changed management a couple years ago. They're terrible. I paid cash for my 2015 F250 and they pretty much turned their backs the second I walked out the door with it. ZERO STARS for them.

6/19/2017: MARK D.

You have done everything you said you would so far.

6/16/2017 JAMES G.

Excellent customer service. Great people.

6/2/2017: CHARLES D.

It was all good.

5/16/2017: BERNICE G.

The people at Firmin Ford are amazing!!! Steve Lynch, helped me get my car in to be service quickly!! I always tell people to go buy their new cars there!!!! The only issue I had with my car being serviced, was I was told it would be done by 12, and it was almost 3 when I was called. But that's not really a big issue because I do understand things take longer than expected!!! Overall, Firmin Ford is awesome!!!!!

5/11/2017: KATHRYN S.

Tim and April are top notch people. They are very trustworthy and professional and get to the bottom of issues quickly and work hard to resolve them. I would recommend Firmin to anyone.

5/8/2017: RUSTY R.

Tim and April are top notch people. They are very trustworthy and professional and get to the bottom of issues quickly and work hard to resolve them. I would recommend Firmin to anyone.

5/8/2017: RUSTY R.

Everyone is always so friendly and professional. April always helps so much when making our service appointments. Great business!!!! Great people!!

5/4/2017: MICHAEL R.

Farming for the great place to do business and a great service department

4/19/2017: LONNIE L.

The work performed under recall on my Mustang was done in LESS time than originally told. It was also serviced there as well, and it actually took LESS time for both the recall and service than most other places Ive been to including dealers. While I didn't buy my Mustang there, the service department was very helpful, as usual, and I will continue to take my "baby" there for service and repairs!! THANKS FIRMIN FORD!

4/17/2017: JOHN M.

Everything went very well. The coffee was even hot!

3/29/2017: LARRY I.

Firmin Ford always does a great job!

3/3/2017: NELSON J.

They are always beyond helpful and shine above any other Ford dealership in the area!!!

2/14/2017 DENISE W.

Very pleased with courteous and fast service

2/8/2017: MARY C.

Nothing, things went OK.

2/4/2017 CLYDE H.

I would say my over all experience was very good but I have to say that it was my very first visit to Firmin Ford but I will be back in the future.

1/27/2017: MARK H

Firmin replaced both of the windshield wipers due to one creating noise during operation. This was done at no charge to us. We were very grateful for this gesture.

1/26/2017 Joseph D.

The overall inspection of the vehicle revealed a much needed repair which could cause an accident.

1/23/2016: Lisa B.

Upfront cost estimate.

1/18/2017 Danny D.

The employees of Firmin Ford continue to make me feel at home every time I visit the dealership! I always feel like I am being taken care of, which means a lot when it comes to such a huge investment as a car. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

1/6/2017: Lisa T.

Work was done quickly and on time.

11/22/2016 ROBERT M.

The folks at Firman Ford are very customer oriented, courteous, and helpful in all aspects of my service experiences. Firman Ford is my is where I go for all service on my vehicle.

11/14/2016 HAROLD G.

All good

11/9/2016: KENNETH M.

Getting it done on time

10/26/2016: RUSSELL B.

Firmin Ford went above and beyond. I will be doing buisness here again.

10/26/2016: LIANA P.

They are great people from sales to service. They are the best.

10/5/2016: WILL S.

GREAT people. Always help me on all of my vehicles. We have all three of our vehicles serviced there.

10/10/2016: SCOTTY C.

I have been a satisfied customer for many years.

10/4/2016: GAIL C.

All wonderful

9/27/2016: LAURA O.

Awesome people!

9/2/2016: WILLIAM H.

Had my doubts about the service of my vehicle...but I truly trust firmin. Ford with my vehicle...good job...Firmin. Ford... service department!!!..No improvement needed at this time.

8/27/2016: SHARON M.

all went well

8/11/2016: JAMES P.


8/6/2016: MICHAEL M.

They are so friendly and helpful every time we need anything!!! I tell everyone about them :)

8/3/2016: JENNIFER P.

great service.

7/29/2016: DONALD D.

Very helpful and professional. I had a very small window to get the service completed and the service team hit a Homerun with me.

7/21/2016/2016: CHIP G.

Every aspect of my service experience was excellent!

7/1/2016: TESSIE K.

Service Manager showed me my vehicle and proposed repair. Also, explained fully the options. Very impressed with service department and attitude.

6/30/2016: GORDON C.

Overall everything went fine. Everyone, especially April in the service dept. was really great. My only problem is that I live about an hour away and any time you have to take the car in, it is inconvenient. Wish they were located in my hometown.

6/27/2016: BARBARA S.

Every thing went well No additional details

6/23/2016: JOHN D.

Firmin Ford always exceeds my expectations. They have been going above and beyond for over 10 years. My family doesn't even consider buying a vehicle anywhere else.

6/13/2016: STERLING C B.

Great service, great dealership, friendly folks, and since I've been doing service there for a while they know me by name when I walk in.

6/13/2016: BRYAN S.

April is always so welcoming and her follow up is excellent. The mechanic seems to perform a thorough inspection. We especially appreciate that the lights, ac, etc., were returned to the original settings after his work!

6/9/2016: CARRIE G.

Helped me get service fast when I needed, Thanks Tim

6/8/2016: RICHARD N.

Excellent service.

5/18/2016: JULIE C.

I love that they pick up my vehicle and return it to me all while I am at work

6/1/2016: Syrissa R.

Firmin ford has always been so helpful, from helping us decide which vehicle to purchase to the friendly faces always smiling and remembering our names. We feel like family anytime we come and they always make us feel welcome. I would say that nothing really needed improving they did such a good job.

5/30/2016: Lauren M.

Everyone is always pleasant... Kind.... And answer my questions.

5/23/2016: Karen H.

Was done in less time than was told it would. Comfortable wait accommodations. Good experience.

5/23/2016: Dorothy D.

Always professional and customer oriented.

5/19/2016: Richard D.

nothing more to say. service department is always great..

4/6/16: Paul B.

Always expect and receive excellent service.

4/1/16: Edgar B.

I am always treated so well and the friendliness of the whole staff makes my visits pleasant..

3/17/16: Mary C.

The Service Advisor was very helpful.

3/11/16: Joseph D.

Everything was perfect and fast.

3/11/16: Shawn H.

They are always so prompt and do a great job. Never a hassle to take my car for an oil change, unlike other places!!!.

3/4/16: Lisa T.

It was done in a timely manner. The salesman that sold me my car and I had a good stimulating conversation. He offered to answer any questions I have. Made me feel like he appreciated my business.

2/26/16: Clyde B.


2/17/16: Griffin D.

Nice service. Decent price. No complaints or recommendations.

2/10/16: Daniel D.

April was very engaging and made me feel comfortable with the recall concerns..

2/4/16: Carrie G.

Easy in and out oil change, tires rotated.

1/25/16: William B.

My wife carried the car in, and does not have access to a computer. We are 90 miles apart, but she told me she got an A rating and was pleased..

1/20/16: RUFUS K.

Great Dealership so for. My second purchase in 3 years. Makes you feel appreciated.

1/18/16: Frankie M.

I found the experience for my 2 visits to the service dept to be pleasant and efficient

1/13/2016: KENNETH S.

The service person assigned to me was extremely knowledgeable, courteous and helpful

1/12/16: REGINALD M.

Move dealership closer to my home:-) Firmin Ford is the only dealer my local area that I can count on to do the job right. They listen to my concerns with my 2007 Edge and addressed them for me. Completed work on Fusion quickly. Thanks Mr. Firmin for your attention to detail.

10/26/15: Wesley M.

Great job.... Always super nice... Always pick my car up at my place of employment... And return it....very convenient.....Everyone is Always polite...

10/19/15: Karen H.

Fast and friendly service.

10/15/15: Tami B.

The friendliness and concern of their staff to provide the necessary service to our car, then the timeliness of their quick service.

10/8/15: Gail H.

would not take our vehicle to anyone else.

10/1/15: Scotty C.

Customer interactions were excellent.

8/24/15: TREVOR J.

April is great! She knows what she's doing, knows my needs and efficiently and professionally takes care of me. Tim is always very interactive and friendly and handles his service department in a great way! They have a new man that I haven't dealt with before but he is very friendly as well.

8/20/15: SALLY B.

They did what they promised.

7/20/15: WILLIAM B.

Extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I would not trust my vehicle to anyone else.

7/16/2015: Ronald S.

Very friendly staff. They were ready to have my keys and check me in when I arrived. checking out was fast. They know me and always treat me like a friend.

7/7/2015: Suzanne T.

The Recall was fixed faster then they said it would take.

6/25/15: MIKE W.

Great all around. Sally B. always speaks and makes you are special to the Firmin Ford family!

6/8/2015: Franklin L.

I rate Firmin Ford's Service Dept one of the best In the State.

5/21/2015: TERRY R.

Prompt courteous professional service.

5/21/2015: Terry T.

They were prompt and courteous as always. We have been dealing with Firmin Ford for many years and have complete confidence in every part of the business.

4/20/2015: Mary C.

I drive all the way from Greenville to Firmin Ford just because of the wonderful people and service. I will NOT do business with Fairway Ford.

3/26/2015: Shelley

New service area looks good. Every thing went well with this repair.

3/23/2015: Robert S.

My experience at Firmin Ford is always excellent. I can see nothing that needs improvement.

2/16/15: LEESA I.

It was all good The person checking me in was friendly and to the point.

2/3/15: BEVERLY G.

They were all extremely friendly & took good care of my vehicle & I on an unexpected passing through stop.

1/22/15: BETHANY C.

Mike Morgan went out of his way to make sure everything went smoothly and on time. Called me to update me on progress.

12/31/15: STEVE H.

I can always depend on Firmin Ford. Recently sent my daughter there to purchase a auto.

12/12/15: ROBERT C.

I spent three weeks trying to be Balletine Ford to service my car. When I called the GM he scheduled me for an appointment to come in and TALK about the recalls and lied to me about them. (I had read them previously) I took the vehicle to Firmin the next day, instead of TALKING, about my problem. They had the parts in stock and did the work. Guess where I will buy my next Ford?

11/24/14: THOMAS L.

I think it's great that the service department is set up to speed things up and expedite people in and out quickly. The staff makes a big difference in their friendliness and willingness to help you out, and also check on you to see that you are ok as you are waiting.

7/22/14: ROBERT K.

Great experience. Initially they said they would not honor coupon, since they did not participate in the program. Luckily they honor it and I also added tire rotation. Was happy with outcome.

7/16/14: JEROME J.

My car was in for a recall for the throttle body. I was given a very convenient appt time, and my repair was done in half the time I was quoted, showing a great respect for my personal time. The dealership has recently undergone a very nice upgrade and renovation of the building, with refreshments available and tv with comfortable chairs for clients who are waiting. The waiting room was clean and pleasant. The staff was very friendly, and the intake process completely painless. I had not noticed a problem with my car before the recall, and have not had any further problems so hopefully the correction has taken care of any possible problems. My car was clean and any interior changes (seat position, mirrors, radio channel) that might have been made by the technicians were set back exactly as I had them before, unlike other places that I have had repairs done before. I would most certainly consider this a very easy and pleasant experience, and would use Firmin Ford again! Thank you!

7/10/14: GREGG C.

Excellent service

12/2/2015: LAURA H

Great service and friendly staff.

11/19/2015: TAMI B

Status of part order and schedule of repair was good

11/19/2015: TIM B

They are nice peoples, when I had my Ford F250 van they kept it in good condition, thanks to the service department! I also had good experience with them when I bought my son his mustang from their. A dealership you can trust to help you obtain the vehicles you need. Go Firmin Ford!

6/9/2015: June T

The service department went above and beyond today to ensure that my car & I were taken care of. Thank you all!!

4/3/2015: Leanna T

Great place to buy a vehicle and good service dept to stand behind what you buy.

7/30/2015: Malea g

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